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Retention Calendar

Schedule more appointments and gain thousands in additional revenue automatically, without any additional administrative burden or marketing investment.
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A better way to grow your practice

The opportunity to grow revenue through improved client retention is massive. But how can you, as an owner or manager, know precisely how large the opportunity is in your practice? And how can you track progress without putting a big reporting burden on your staff?

Automate and improve client retention and client compliance with AllyDVM’s Retention Calendar. This unique software tool is designed to help your practice continually input and correct client contact data, automate communications, schedule more appointments and gain thousands in additional revenue without any additional administrative burden or marketing investment.

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Fill in the gaps

Data quality of the average veterinary practice is inadequate

The problem

Many practices don’t realize incomplete and inaccurate data are the key causes of poor client retention. According to some studies, the average practice has incomplete and inaccurate data for an alarmingly high percentage of its active client base. Over 1 in 4 ACTIVE pets is missing reminders... and less than 70% of clients have shared a valid email address with the practice. Clean, up-to-date client contact data and well-managed patient reminders are both critical to practice success.

The solution

How does AllyDVM help you improve your data? The Retention Calendar continually processes your practice data and will proactively alert your staff to instances of problematic data so they can make improvements every single day quickly and simply. With clean data, reminders and other communications are getting to the right place at the right time, more appointments are being made therefore increasing compliance and retention and ultimately increasing revenue. The Retention Calendar also automatically tracks issue resolution and practice growth in powerful and easy-to-view reports.

Animal hospitals are missing essential data*

The average veterinary practice has 19 chances to schedule an appointment for a pet that is (1) currently past-due AND (2) living in the household of a client who is already bringing in a different pet TODAY. Inviting clients to bring in those “other pets” is the easiest way to drive better health outcomes for your patients and better financial outcomes for your practice.
Patients are missing reminders
Patients records have bad or missing email addresses
Patients records are missing mobile numbers
*According to a study of hundreds of veterinary practices conducted by ALLYDVM.

“In November we decided to track the revenue produced by using the Retention Calendar. I was amazed at the results. We generated $25,388 of additional revenue [in just one month]. My staff loves it.”

– Dawn G., Practice Manager, Maryland

Customize your solution

AllyDVM is completely flexible and customizable. Explore our suite of cloud-based software modules and let us help you build the solution that best fits your needs.
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Enable data-driven decision making

Identify actionable opportunities or create your own reports to identify insights unique to your practice.
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Client Communications

Increase operational efficiency, client retention, and client compliance

Manage and automate your communications strategy across all channels, including physical postcard, email, and mobile (including two-way text messaging) from a single control center.
Client Loyalty Program App

Client Loyalty Program

Improve average transaction value and client retention

Create and support a customized loyalty reward program just for clients of your practice.
Patient Portal mobile app

PetPage® Patient Portal

Enhance transparency and client retention

Enable your clients to easily request appointments and prescription refills, view medical reminders and practice announcements, manage their communication preferences and much more!
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Step into the future with our digital veterinary solution

Designed to meet animal owners where they are, our telehealth services offer a more convenient and cost-effective way for pets to receive the healthcare they need.

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