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Client Communications

Increase operational efficiency, client retention, and client compliance

Manage and automate your communications strategy across all channels, including physical postcard, email, and mobile (including two-way text messaging) from a single control center.
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Target the right client at the right time — automatically

With the unmatched filtering capabilities of AllyDVM’s client engagement platform, you'll be able to customize all of your communications to the specific needs of your practice.

Communicate with your clients quickly and easily using automated appointment reminders, follow-up notifications, feedback invitations, newsletters, and much more.

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Mass emails

Communication without limits

There are no restrictions on the number of automated communications you can create or the number of messages you can send via email or two-way text messaging. The communication functionality is also fully integrated with the AllyDVM Retention Calendar.
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Two-way texting

Communicate with your clients quickly and easily

Use two-way text messaging through AllyDVM to enable safe, efficient, and effective communication between your practice and your clients.

Get in touch

Let's work together to help your practice succeed

Ready to learn why hundreds of veterinary practices are using AllyDVM? Getting started is simple! Contact us today to find out how.

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Customize your solution

AllyDVM is completely flexible and customizable. Explore our suite of cloud-based software modules and let us help you build the solution that best fits your needs.
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Retention Calendar

A better way to grow your practice

Schedule more appointments and gain thousands in additional revenue automatically, without any additional administrative burden or marketing investment.
Patient Portal mobile app

PetPageĀ® Patient Portal

Enhance transparency and client retention

Enable your clients to easily request appointments and prescription refills, view medical reminders and practice announcements, manage their communication preferences and much more!
Person looking at Client Loyalty Program on phone

Client Loyalty Program

Improve average transaction value and client retention

Create and support a customized loyalty reward program just for clients of your practice.
ALLYDVM Mobile App


Enable data-driven decision making

Identify actionable opportunities or create your own reports to identify insights unique to your practice.
Veterinarian on telehealth call with pet owner


Step into the future with our digital veterinary solution

Designed to meet animal owners where they are, our telehealth services offer a more convenient and cost-effective way for pets to receive the healthcare they need.