Mobile App

ALLYDVM allows its customers to offer their clients (pet owners) a modern mobile app. And our app is superior to competitor offerings in a number of important ways.

This is the only client-facing app in the industry that syncs directly to your practice management system. NO THIRD PARTIES! NO SUPPORT ISSUES!

Here are just some of the benefits you can offer your clients
   Access to electronic pet health records ALLYDVM’s "Smart Appointment Request" technology
Requests for refills and other information changes Emergency contact info
Practice news, announcements, and updates ... and more features that we don't share publicly!

Get the App

Pet owners can download the app from the major app stores. Pet owners will see your veterinary practice’s logo, imagery, contact information, and more once they login in to their account.

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Client Communications

ALLYDVM offers the veterinary industry’s most powerful and customizable client communications system. Period.

We offer more flexibility around messaging, delivery schedules, and advanced filtering than any other system out there. Our system was designed specifically to handle postcard, email, and text message needs of some of the largest and most sophisticated veterinary practices in the world. And your practice can now benefit from the work we've put in.

ALLYDVM was also the first to offer true Direct Messaging capabilities, which we developed in collaboration with one of our customers - a past president of AAHA.

Communications system benefits include
   Direct Messaging - via email AND text Unlimited reminder communications, each with unlimited deliveries
Complete flexibility and control of your communications content Full integration with ALLYDVM's unique Retention Calendar software

Retention Calendar

ALLYDVM's Retention Calendar is a unique software tool that actually helps veterinary practices schedule more appointments WITHOUT ANY MARKETING INVESTMENT.

This software integrates seamlessly with ALLYDVM's other services, and it enables dramatic improvements in client retention-related performance. Many practices generate more than $10,000 in ADDITIONAL revenue each month through effective use of the Retention Calendar software.

In fact, one customer generated an ROI of just over 100x the monthly subscription fee. In just one month on the software, the receptionists scheduled additional appointments that generated over $25,000 in ACTUAL revenue for the practice.