ALLYDVM is led by executives with deep expertise in the veterinary industry. The leadership team's academic background includes degrees in accounting and economics, as well as an MBA from the Harvard Business School.  

The software developers at ALLYDVM boast an incredible average of over 14 years' professional development experience, but they have used only the most modern web and mobile technologies to ensure that our customers are never held back by outdated legacy technology.

Pooling the diverse skills and experiences of our people enables us to create incredible value for our customers - the best veterinary practices in the country.


ALLYDVM’s customers range from successful single-DVM practices to some of the largest animal hospitals in the world with over 20 FTE DVMs.

Our customers also include current and past presidents of the AVMA, AAHA, and ABVP.

These sophisticated customers appreciate having their input incorporated into the development of ALLYDVM's powerful software solutions.

Even in the very first month of using ALLYDVM's software services, many customers have realized increases in annualized revenues of over $100,000.


ALLYDVM has roots in the veterinary industry that stretch back many years, but the company as presently constituted was co-founded in 2011 by Jason Wernli and was originally based in Boston.

As a result of winning the Harvard Business School MVP competition, ALLYDVM was inducted into the first class of new businesses residing in the Harvard University Innovation Lab.

ALLYDVM has since moved its headquarters to Atlanta, GA.

Mr. Wernli, a popular speaker and consultant in the veterinary industry, was asked by many of his clients for an alternative to the communications software systems that existed at the time. Those systems weren't (and still aren't) flexible enough to meet the more sophisticated needs of some veterinary practices.

So ALLYDVM was built to provide the most powerful communications system in the veterinary industry, and it has been incorporating client feedback and requests into its products and services ever since.

The communications system improves continually, and additional software products have joined the core system. Visit our Software and Advisory pages to learn more.