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Answering common questions veterinary practices have about client-facing apps

Enhance workflows and meet clients' communication preferences

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Yes, your veterinary practice needs an app

Reach pet parents on their terms for stronger clinic-client relationships

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The power of data: How it can help your veterinary practice thrive

Create a framework for growth in acquisition, retention, and client compliance

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Computer monitor featuring AllyDVM Retention Calendar

The DVM's ultimate ally

The most powerful and customizable client engagement platform in the veterinary industry

Computer monitor featuring AllyDVM Retention Calendar
AllyDVM is focused on solving real problems for veterinary practices by leveraging technology in very practical ways that makes practices more successful and efficient with less effort. We solve the problems in the way they should be solved from the practice's perspective.
Computer monitor featuring AllyDVM Retention Calendar

Built to solve the most important challenges faced by practices today

As a cloud-based software solution, our client engagement platform integrates with most Practice Information Management Systems (PIMS) and amplifies and automates PIMS functionality, which enables your practice to capitalize on opportunities to improve client retention, client compliance, and deliver better health outcomes for your patients and achieve better financial outcomes for your practice.

"The number one business challenge for any organization is execution. AllyDVM has done a fantastic job of combining proven veterinarian business practices with a flawless system for execution! I’m extremely impressed with their execution model."

– Chris McChesney, Global Practice Leader, Execution Practice at FranklinCovey, co-author of "The 4 Disciplines of Execution"

“The retention calendar was a huge [selling point] for us because it is so helpful to show us the other pets in the household that are due for exams. I do not know how many times we have had clients get mad at us for not letting them know their other pets were due to be seen, too.”

– Kerry Lueker, CVT and hospital manager at Crest Hill Cat and Dog Clinic in Joliet, Illinois.

"We’ve used many client communications services in the past. Nothing else compares to the functionality offered by AllyDVM. Their customer service is far better than anything else we’ve experienced."

– Larry Corry, past president of AVMA, owner of Hog Mountain Animal Hospital

Customize your solution

AllyDVM is completely flexible and customizable. Explore our suite of cloud-based software modules and let us help you build the solution that best fits your needs.
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Client Communications

Increase operational efficiency, client retention, and client compliance

Manage and automate your communications strategy across all channels, including physical postcard, email, and mobile (including two-way text messaging) from a single control center.
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Retention Calendar

A better way to grow your practice

Schedule more appointments and gain thousands in additional revenue automatically, without any additional administrative burden or marketing investment.
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Synergy Partner Program

Targeted email marketing campaigns to pet owners

The Synergy Partner Program, powered by AllyDVM and in collaboration with our manufacturer partners, provides a valuable portfolio of targeted digital email campaigns you can leverage to help support ongoing pet health and help drive meaningful results.
Patient Portal mobile app

PetPage® Patient Portal

Enhance transparency and client retention

Enable your clients to easily request appointments and prescription refills, view medical reminders and practice announcements, manage their communication preferences and much more!
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Client Loyalty Program

Improve average transaction value and client retention

Create and support a customized loyalty reward program just for clients of your practice.
ALLYDVM Mobile App


Enable data-driven decision making

Identify actionable opportunities or create your own reports to identify insights unique to your practice.
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Step into the future with our digital veterinary solution

Designed to meet animal owners where they are, our telehealth services offer a more convenient and cost-effective way for pets to receive the healthcare they need.

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